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Strategic Business Plan 2019-2022

Published on Dec 06, 2017

Scheduled Publication

The Auditor General’s Department, otherwise referred to as the Department and or AuGD, has sought to continue in its efforts to realise the intended outcome of its five strategic objectives, which were redefined in the last Financial Year.

The five strategic objectives seek to:

  • Deploy resources to high-risk operational areas of the public sector through conducting audits based on cross-cutting issues;
  • Strengthen and support the Department’s internal governance frameworks – as well as the Departments ability to execute its mandate in an efficient and effective manner;
  • Support capacity building within the Department to allow for a workforce that is able to complete its deliverables in keeping with industry best practice;
  • Continue our interaction with key stakeholders as a means of communicating the results of our audits and soliciting feedback on our audit reports.

The indicators included in this plan have been amended in keeping with our intention to increase accountability within our daily operational activities and provide transparency in the publication of our audit reports.

Click for full plan: Auditor General’s Department Strategic Business Plan 2019-2022

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