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The AuGD in keeping with the requirements under the Protected Disclosures Act, 2011, has established its Protected Disclosures Procedural Guidelines as a means of outlining how employees of the AuGD and external parties to report improper conduct or occupational detriment to the designated officer(s). The procedures also describe the timely and impartial investigation and reporting mechanism in place to deal with protected disclosures.

The following key terms should be noted:

Designated Authority

The designated authority is an individual or entity designated by the Minister with responsibility for monitoring compliance with the Act. The Minister has designated The Integrity Commission to be the designated authority.

Designated Officer

The designated officer is the person(s) appointed by the employer and conferred with the requisite authority to receive, take steps to investigate or otherwise deal with disclosures. The designated officer is also responsible for keeping the employee/external party updated on the status of the investigation of the disclosure.


  • Any person who:
    • Works or has worked for the AuGD; and
    • Receives, received, or is entitled to receive, any remuneration for work done.
  • Any person who in any manner assists or has assisted in the carrying on or
  • Conduct of the business of the AuGD, without any entitlement to receive
  • Remuneration or reward; or
  • Any person who is, or was, engaged or contracted for services and/or works for AuGD.

Improper Conduct (Section 2 of the Act)

  • Criminal offense.
  • Failure to carry out a legal obligation.
  • Conduct that is likely to result in a miscarriage of justice.
  • Conduct that is likely to threaten the health or safety of a person.
  • Conduct that is likely to threaten or damage the environment.
  • Conduct that shows gross mismanagement, impropriety, or misconduct in the carrying out of any activity that involves the use of public funds.
  • Act of reprisal against or victimization of an employee.
  • Conduct that tends to show unfair discrimination on the basis of gender, race,
  • Place of origin, social class, colour, religion, or political opinion; or
  • Wilful concealment of any act described in (a) to (h) above.

Occupational Detriment (Section 2 and 23 of the Act) 

  • Subject to disciplinary action.
  • Dismissed, suspended, or demoted.
  • Harassed, intimidated, or victimized.
  • Transferred against his will.
  • Refused transfer or promotion.
  • Subject to a term or condition of employment or retirement from employment, that is altered to his disadvantage.
  • Provided with an adverse reference.
  • Denied appointment to any employment, profession, or office.
  • Threatened with any of the actions specified in (a) to (h); or
  • Otherwise adversely affected in respect of his employment, profession, or office, including employment opportunities and job security.

Prescribed Persons

  • Auditor-General
  • Bank of Jamaica
  • Bureau of Standards
  • Children’s Advocate
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Electoral Commission of Jamaica
  • Fair Trading Commission
  • Financial Services Commission
  • Independent Commission of Investigations
  • Integrity Commission
  • Tax Administration Jamaica
  • National Environment and Planning Agency
  • Office of Utilities Regulation
  • Political Ombudsman
  • Public Defender

As one of the prescribed persons, the Auditor General has the responsibility of ensuring that employees are aware of these procedures and that the designated officer(s) is accessible and has the requisite training to carry-out his/her function. The Auditor General (AG) is also responsible to approve and monitor the investigation plan and initiate investigations into allegations of improper conduct. The AG also has the responsibility for the referral of disclosures based on the subject matter, the seriousness of the allegations or if these prejudice national security, defence, or international relations to the appropriate designated authority. The AG is responsible for ensuring that persons who have made the disclosures and the Designated Authority are kept up to date with the progress of the investigations, findings, recommendations, and any subsequent actions taken.

Please click and download the “Protected Disclosure Form” and update the same with the necessary information. The completed form, when uploaded as directed below, will be automatically transmitted to the AuGD’s inbox (protecteddisclosure@auditorgeneral.gov.jm), which two (2) designated officers monitor.

Offline Form Instructions

  1. Download Disclosure Form
  2. Update with Necessary Information.
  3. Save the PDF document.
  4. Upload the PDF document below the “Protected Disclosure.”

Protected Disclosure Form

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