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RADA’s Management of the Rehabilitation of Farm Roads

Published on Oct 31, 2019

Agriculture, Completed, Performance Audit Reports

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A priority strategy of Vision 2030 Jamaica, National Development Plan (NDP), National Outcome 12: Internationally Competitive Industry Structures, is to improve and rationalize the road network including farm roads by improving agriculture feeder roads. The contribution of agriculture to GDP, food security and environmental sustainability is vital and physical improvements in farm roads are expected to enhance market access, foster domestic agricultural production, increase employment for rural farm families and attract new entrants. The maintenance of farm roads is linked to the national outcome of rural and agricultural development.

Vision 2030 NDP identifies the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, as the entity responsible for agricultural roads. RADA’s 2015-18 Strategic Business Plan stated that the programmes put forward under the NDP, are intended to enhance production and productivity through a series of enabling interventions that would address the problems hampering production and simultaneously present opportunities for growth enhancement within the agricultural sector. Accordingly, RADA instituted a prioritization strategy, which entailed identifying roads it considered most in need of repairs and which when rehabilitated, would more likely contribute to the achievement of the National Vision.

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