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Nutrition Products Limited (NPL)

Published on Jan 11, 2021

Nutrition Products Limited (NPL)
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Performance Audit
Education & Health
Governance and Resource Management
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The National School Feeding Programme (NSFP) is part of the Government of Jamaica’s Social Safety Net / Poverty Reduction Strategy for the most vulnerable.  Its initial aim is to alleviate hunger among the most vulnerable in schools, by providing one nutritious meal per day per vulnerable child.  The Nutrition Products Limited (NPL) supports the NSFP through the production and distribution of meals to schools.  Its mission is “to produce and distribute a nutritious meal to designated school children at the lowest possible cost, utilizing local resources whenever possible”.  The achievement of NPL’s mission is important in the context where a key strategy in Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan (NDP) is to support adequate nutrition at school to achieve National Outcome #1 – A Healthy and Stable Population.

The Auditor General’s Department (AuGD) is currently conducting a Performance Audit of NPL.  The audit seeks to assess whether NPL is effectively managing its resources to provide meals to school children in keeping with its mandate.  We scoped the audit using a risk-based approach to determine:

  1. if NPL is managing the production and distribution of meals in an efficient and cost-effective manner,
  2. if NPL’s procurement activities were consistent with good practices and value of money principles,
  3. if NPL is ensuring that the production and distribution of meals conform with quality standards and,
  4. if there is effective oversight and monitoring of NPL’s operations to ensure the achievement of its mandate.

We also considered how the audit can contribute to the Auditor General’s wider strategic aims by:

  • Promoting improvements in the use of public funds through better Governance and Resource Management; and,
  • Providing an indication of current activities being carried out by NPL, under the NSFP, to inform policy decisions on the future role of NPL.

Your comments relevant to our study may be useful and can be communicated by completing the relevant fields on our feedback form or email us at audgen@auditorgeneral.gov.jm. Please note that we may not respond to you directly due to the volume of information we receive.

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