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Examination of the Components of the Interim Fiscal Policy Paper which was laid before the Houses of Parliament on September 26, 2017 – FY2017/18

Published on Nov 02, 2017

Finance, Special Audit Reports

Scheduled Publication

I have examined the components of the Fiscal Policy Paper FY2017/18 Interim Report. The Fiscal Policy Paper FY2017/18 Interim Report was tabled in Parliament on September 26, 2017, within six months of the passage of the Appropriation Act, keeping with the requirement of the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act.

The report comprised the Fiscal Responsibility Statement, Macroeconomic Framework and Fiscal Management Strategy. I reviewed the outturn for FY2016/17, the fiscal performance for April to July 2017 and projections to end FY2017/18 and medium-term.

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