ja-flag Government of Jamaica


A better country through effective audit scrutiny.

Our Mission

To conduct and make public, high quality audits and produce recommendations that are relevant to our auditees, the Parliament and the citizens.

Core Values


The AuGD shall audit independently of the Executive and Legislative branches, thereby helping to ensure accountability and transparency of Government activities in an objective and impartial way.


We meet our professional responsibilities in an ethical and fair manner.


The AuGD shall undertake its work in accordance with the requirements of international auditing standards.


The AuGD shall operate in the spirit of full openness to the Jamaican society about the way in which it used its public resources and about the impact of its audits.


The AuGD shall act in a non-partisan way.  Audit conclusions and opinions are based exclusively on evidence.


We work to constantly build and maintain trust with the general citizenry.  We sustain credible, reliable and trusted professional teams in each respective field within our areas of responsibility.

Collaboration and Involvement

The AuGD shall seek to collaborate with and involve all stakeholders in the fulfillment of its responsibilities in a constructive manner.