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Who is the Auditor General?

Mrs. Pamela Monroe Ellis

How is the Auditor General Appointed?

The Auditor General is appointed by the Governor General and is required by the Constitution, Financial Administration and Audit Act.

Is the Auditor General the sole auditor of all government entities?

No.  Entities with the consent of the Auditor General may have their financial statements audited by a recognized private firm.

To whom does the Auditor General submit reports?

Reports are submitted to the Houses of Parliament. 

Does the Auditor General Audit private entities?


Are members of staff of the Auditor General's Department Public Officers?


Who audits the accounts of the Auditor General's Department?

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for auditing the appropriation accounts of the Department.

Will the AuGD investigate a particular matter raised by a member of the public?


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