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Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Published on Nov 30, 2017

Scheduled Publication

The Auditor General’s Department is committed to an open two-way interaction that will foster effective stakeholder engagement in order to maximize the impact and value of the Departments’ audit reports and contribute to stakeholders’ awareness of the need for transparency and accountability in the public sector.   In designing our Stakeholder Engagement Framework, the AuGD sought to define the strategies to be undertaken to effectively engage key stakeholders to better achieve our vision and mission.   The draft framework is now published for public feedback and comments, which may be taken into consideration in finalizing the framework for implementation in April 2018.

Your comments relevant to our Stakeholder Engagement Framework may be useful and can be communicated by completing the relevant fields on our feedback form or email us at feedback@auditorgeneral.gov.jm. Please note that we may not respond to you directly due to the volume of information we receive.

Click here to download: AuGD Jamaica Stakeholder Engagement Framework

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