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Auditor General’s Report on the Interim Fiscal Policy Paper – 2016/2017

The Auditor General’s Review I have examined the components of the Fiscal Policy Paper FY2016/17 Interim Report, which was tabled on September 28, 2016.The report comprised the Fiscal Responsibility Statement, Macroeconomic Framework and Fiscal Management Strategy. I reviewed the outturn for FY2015/16, the fiscal performance for April to August2016, projections to end FY2016/17and for FY2017/18, […]

September 28, 2016

Auditor General’s Department Activity – Based Audit Report Early Childhood Commission

The purpose of an activity-based audit is to identify opportunities to improve the activity reviewed, leading to enhanced organizational economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, the emphasis is on reporting issues affecting current performance of the activity and highlighting the benefits of implementing the recommendations put forward. The Early Childhood Commission is an agency of the […]


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