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[table caption=”AUDITOR GENERAL AND DEPUTY AUDITOR GENERALS” colwidth=”40|60″ colalign=”left|left”]
Name, Title and Email Address
Mrs. Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General / pamela.monroe-ellis@auditorgeneral.gov.jm
Mrs. Delores Linton Williams, Deputy Auditor General / Assurance Audit / delores.linton-williams@auditorgeneral.gov.jm
Mrs. Carolyn Lewis, Deputy Auditor General and Assurance Audit / carolyn.lewis@auditorgeneral.gov.jm
Mrs. Gail Lue Lim, Deputy Auditor General / Performance Audit Division / gail.luelim@auditorgeneral.gov.jm
Mr. Owen McKnight, Deputy Auditor General / Corporate Services Division / owen.mcknigt@auditorgeneral.gov.jm

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